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Duct Cleaning Services by M & P Air Filters

M & P Air Filters carries out cleaning of air handling systems from terminal fittings or diffusers to the air handlers including fans, dampers, plenums, chambers, coils, etc.

In fact any part of the systems internals which is susceptible to dust or contamination, can be serviced by M & P Air Filters

Clean approach to Duct Cleaning:

Duct internals can be manually cleaned using mechanical methods where possible and access panels can be fitted to facilitate. At M & P Air Filters, we do not use any fancy gimmicks and toys, but believe in good old elbow grease to get the job done right. If it can’t physically be cleaned then we make it a point to explain this to our clients.

All internal insulation can be replaced, repaired or removed as part of this remediation, so as to prevent any re-suspension into the air flow. We can apply agents via fogger to both disinfect and cure any stubborn contaminants.

Guarantee of quality:

All work done by M & P Air Filters is guaranteed and full digital record is kept and produced on request for the same. What’s more, M & P Air Filters can conduct Air Sampling tests or swabbing of internals so that reports can be generated, and further remedial action undertaken.

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