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M & P Specialised Services Pty. Ltd. (M&P Air Filters) was established in August 1983
with a vision to supply local made filtration products to the Australian air conditioning industry. Michael Lopez, Director, has nearly 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry. His rich experience has resulted in a team of professionals qualified to offer advice and service to clients in commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and hospital installations.

Today, in their 34th year of operation, M&P Air Filters is still a pioneer in many categories of air filters including the first machine made fully Australian brand LONGLIFE Cardboard filters which complies with Australian Standards AS1324.2.

We manufacture all types of filters, panels, bags, etc - to meet individual customer requirements
and are often called upon to advise our clients on their specific air filtration needs.

At M&P Air Filters , our success is based on delivering high quality products & service.


Australia Wide Filter Association

M&P Air Filters is a founding member of the Australia Wide Filter Association (AWFA), which was set up to create better opportunities for trade and expertise on a National Level. Initially several Companies were members in four different states, which was key to being able to offer a market presence in more than just our home state.

As the filter media itself is the core material in any filter product, it was imperative the M&P Air Filters be able to purchase at bulk volume rates. This was achieved by having group buying power and access to a full range of filtration mediums. The Australia Wide Filter Associations members are predominantly made up from small to medium business like ourselves in other states.


M&P Air Filters was also awarded with the longest serving membership of the AREMA - Air- Conditioning & Refrigeration Manufacturers Association of Australia. This association was largely responsible for the acceptance of filter classification uniformity for manufacturers whom were bringing in filters from elsewhere which were tested to other than Australian Standards. This meant far less confusion in the market place for Building Engineers and Property Managers regarding filter use and specification criteria. The AREMA - Air Filter Selection Chart is still used and accepted widely today as a means to compare between the filter products in our market.

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