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Manufacturing by MP Air Filters

MP Air Filters has been proudly manufacturing Australian made filter products for over 28 years. Such a long innings in the industry has helped us gain considerable experience and knowledge both in filter design and filter media performance.

At present primarily involved in custom filters, M&P Air Filters is rightly perceived as being pioneers in the cardboard filter market in the country.


M&P Air Filters also manufactures most styles and configurations of F4 and F5 bags, panels and combinations of both. We also specialize in many custom sizes of filter bags and socks which are not available off the shelf. This enhances our offering into the market and compliments many other filter brands, especially in the computer room unit market.

M&P Air Filters – the pioneering continues

True to our roots, M and P has recently launched an industry first, which can also be called a filter hybrid. By combining the humble flat panel filter and the extended surfaced pleat bag, we have created the versatile EZI-Filter.

The EZI-Filter has the potential to replace the flat panel washable type which is found in most RAG style installations. It can be simply rolled into the grooved channel with rubber spline in the same way as the traditional media. The first big advantage is increase in surface area and dust holding capacity. With more than three times the media surface area, the EZI-Filter will negate the need for regular service increments.Only certain sizes are available right now with plans to increase this as market awareness is stimulated.

Thanks to our commitment to the core business area of bag filter manufacture and supply - way before the plethora of imported products hit our market - M&P Air Filters continues to enjoy support of our clients even in today’s extremely competitive supply market for supply of fabric custom bags and non-standard items.

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