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Disposable Filter Service by MP Air Filters

MP Air Filters carries out supply, manufacture and installation of all types of air filtration and ventilation filters to the Air Conditioning industry.

We only install filters that meet the minimum standards as set out by A.S. 1324.1 –1996/ EN779, some of which are uniquely manufactured by MP Air Filters in our factory in West Gosford NSW.

We carry out installation of disposable –

Cardboard Filters – all thicknesses and sizes
Bags Filters – all designs and configurations, IE – 6 to 12 pocket, 4 peak, self-supporting etc.
Carbon Exhaust Filters
Roll type filters – all spool configurations.
Hepa Filters – All types and seals, terminally and non – terminally mounted.
Exhaust system filters for custom applications are renewed serviced and designed.
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