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Coil Cleaning by MP Air Filters

MP Air Filters carries out cleaning and treatment of cooling and heating coils within the air
handling system.

In all types of air conditioning systems - simple ducted split, water cooled package unit or main chilled water central plant - the cooling and heating coils are an integral component in contributing to the maintenance of temperate conditions within the system.

Importance of Coil Cleaning:

Coils must be kept clean and free from harmful growth and bacteria that could cause the spread of many harmful airborne pathogens. In any system where moisture is present, fungal spores and mould growth must be monitored and controlled. There are a number of coil treatments which can be applied after cleaning has been carried out. These are useful in controlling harmful bacterial growth and also acts as an inhibitor against future build up.

MP Air Filters can customize a regular service agreement to carry out such services to complement the filter cleaning and ducting cleaning – our specialized services.

MP Air Filters can also conduct air sampling tests or swabbing of internals so that reports can be generated, and further remedial action undertaken.

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